Pro Team Training


The pro team boot camp is a completely customizable program designed to fit the needs of any professional team. Whether that means boot camping for an international tournament or targeting specific areas of improvement, the pro training program is able to suit the needs of any pro teams. The pro team training program is organized in conjunction with our partners at Sports Academy, a multi-disciplinary athletic training and integrated sports medicine facility in Thousand Oaks, CA.



Training tools and amenities include, but are not limited to:

  • Private computer training rooms
  • Sports performance (weight training, cardio)
  • Cyro therapy sessions
  • Normatec recovery
  • Dynaboard (hand-eye coordination, reaction time)
  • Neurotracker (memory, prioritization)
  • Sports Psychology sessions
  • Nutrition and diet planning
  • Close Quarters Defense (CQD)

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