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Fantasy Camp Press Release

[mp_video src=""]   Sandbox Esports and Sports Academy Announce League of Legends Fantasy Camp Coached by LCS Pros League of Legends Pros to Coach in Fan Boot Camp in September 2017   LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2017 - Sandbox Esports and Sports Academy announced the creation of the Sandbox Esports League of Legends Fantasy Camp,…
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FlyQuest Team Training

FlyQuest's League of Legends team went through our Pro Team Training program at Sports Academy. Check out the pictures and video of their experience. Sign up now for esports training camps launching in June!




  • Group weightroom WM
  • Hai weightroom WM
  • Lemonnation weightroom WM
  • Hair weightroom 2 WM
  • Balls weightroom WM
  • Jeff weightroom WM
  • Group candid WM
  • Hai Normatec WM
  • Group Normatec WM
  • Hai cyrochamber
  • Jeff Cyro WM
  • Group nutrition WM
  • Balls Dynaboard WM
  • Lemonnation Dynaboard WM
  • Hai dynaboard WM
  • Group CQD WM
  • Lemonnation candid
  • Jeff Sandbox WM
  • Hai Sandbox WM
  • Lemonnation Sandbox WM
  • Team Sandbox WM


CLG Team Training

CLG entered the Sandbox to push their limits physically and mentally. Check out the video and gallery of their day with us at Sports Academy.




  • Team intro WM
  • Darshan Stretch WM
  • Group stretch WM
  • Aphromoo Huhi and coach
  • Stixxay weightroom 4 WM
  • Stixxay Weightroom WM
  • Group weightroom WM
  • Coach Weightroom WM
  • Darshan Weightroom WM
  • Stixxay weightroom 3 WM
  • Stixxay weightroom 2 WM
  • Huhi Weightroom WM
  • Group candid WM
  • Group candid 2 WM
  • Aphromoo weightroom WM
  • Group sand running WM
  • Huhi coach sand WM
  • Coach sand WM
  • Group Normatec WM
  • Huhi Normatec candid WM
  • Group Normatec 2 WM
  • Coach Massage WM
  • Coach weightroom 2 WM
  • Group Nutritionist WM
  • Matt Cyro WM
  • Aphromoo Cyro 4 WM
  • Aphromoo Cyro 3 WM
  • Aphromoo Cyro 2 WM
  • Aphromoo Cyro 1 WM
  • Stixxay Dynaboard 2 WM