Sandbox Esports' training programs suit the performance needs of all levels of esports competitors from novices to professional players. Our programs are structured with the intention of improving attendees' in-game performance. We do this by focusing on teamwork, mechanics and game strategy. Physical and mental exercises are mixed in to promote healthy lifestyles and sharpen players' minds. If you want to train like the pros, Sandbox Esports has a program for you! Sign up today!


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Want to be coached by your favorite LCS pro?

September 15-17 we're hosting the world's first League of Legends Fantasy Camp! This is your chance to learn straight from your favorite LCS player IN PERSON. The Fantasy Camp will be structured just like a pro team boot camp. Activities will include scrim blocks, VOD review sessions, in-game skill training and esports specific physical and mental exercises.



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Sandbox Esports offers camps for players of all skill levels and ages. Click here to see all our programs and decide which one is right for you.

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